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Empower Employees to Distribute Corporate Funds to Their Favorite Charities


GiveStream clients have achieved unbelievable results. Overall, an astounding 90% of employees participated, with 94% responding that the opportunity to choose a corporate charity favorably influenced their opinion of their company.

GiveStream can attract and retain a motivated workforce, boost company morale, and reduce the costs associated with rehires and retraining.


Employees Working Together on their Cause.

“I LOVE GIVESTREAM! Makes me even more proud to work with my team and my company!”

Haley Hansen, employee, ADASHI Systems

“Finding and retaining good people is challenging. GiveStream’s distribution of corporate donations is a true differentiator that pays great dividends towards employee retention.” 

Dave Saunders, CEO, TVAR Solutions

“GiveStream is a simple way for Maryland companies to get their employees engaged in helping our local communities.”

– Mike Gill, MD Secretary of Business and Economic Development

orporation for communities corporations for communities

Stronger Teams

Employee directed corporate  giving improves engagement companywide, with a majority of participants saying that the opportunity to choose a charity favorably influenced their opinion of their company.

Stronger Companies

GiveStream attracts and retains a motivated workforce, reduces hiring and training costs, and creates employee brand ambassadors by encouraging social sharing of giving experiences.

Stronger Communities

The list of causes that GiveStream can benefit is virtually endless: animal welfare, education, the arts, hunger, homelessness, child development, health, and more. With access to more than 1 million IRS-approved nonprofits, employees can connect with a charity in their very own neighborhood.

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