3 Audiences That Can Benefit From a Corporate Philanthropy Program

Corporate philanthropy has become an integral component of doing good business, and its reach extends so much farther than those at the receiving end of a donation. In fact, the following three audiences can benefit from charitable giving in different, but no less impactful, ways:

  • The Community – Whether your company donates to the neighborhood firehouse or the national cancer fund – whether its reach extends worldwide, or to your own backyard – your community comprises the people your corporate philanthropy efforts impact directly. Individuals who are affected in a positive way as a result of your company’s cumulative ideals could ultimately become advocates for your brand.
  • Your Employees – The job search is not about money, anymore. At least, not predominantly. It’s also largely about participation. Today’s workforce increasingly wants to be a part of companies that are engaged in the world around them, and working to make it a better place. These individuals are a corporation’s greatest asset. The ideal corporate philanthropy program will give them an active role in the decision-making process, and the tools necessary to make a difference.
  • Executives/Stakeholders – Higher-ups and the powers-that-be not only want to know how their corporate philanthropy program of choice is affecting the community, at large, but what financial impact it (hopefully) has on their company’s bottom line, as well. Quantifiable results are the key for this audience group.

It was once believed that there was no “one-size-fits all” approach to corporate philanthropy. GiveStream bucks that notion with user-friendly, cloud-based software that empowers all employees – not only C-level execs – to direct the distribution of corporate donations, potentially reaching more than 1 million charities worldwide. This unprecedented freedom not only has the power to boost morale, reduce turnover, and simplify recruiting, but it transforms team members into brand ambassadors who broadcast their positive experiences on social media, all while connecting with local and national organizations that impassion them. Managers can then channel this positivity back into their business, ensuring that everyone – from the neighborhood nonprofit to the new recruit – wins in a big way.

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