5 Key Strategies for Employee Engagement to Implement in 2017

5 Key Strategies for Employee Engagement to Implement in 2017

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In today’s office environment, appealing to employees on a more intimate level has become a key factor in keeping them fully motivated. Developing strategies for employee engagement is essential. Without this approach, cautious millennials may not venture to get their feet wet with your company, and those already under your employ may start frantically paddling for shore.

This doesn’t mean that engagement is interchangeable with contentment. The opposite all too often is true, as perfectly happy employees can turn in less than stellar performances. It is, however, directly related to an employee’s personal drive to contribute to a business’ overall success.

True engagement occurs when employees experience a profound connection with the company employing them, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

But how is it achieved?

Unfortunately, engagement can be elusive. A recent Gallup poll discovered that, on average, only 34 percent of American workers consider themselves engaged in their workplace; a staggering statistic which should make strategies for employee engagement a number one priority for businesses nationwide.

Here are five watertight suggestions to get started:

  • Show (more than) some respect. Employees who feel trusted, valued, and respected as individuals are far more likely to give their all. Also, transparency talks. Consider an open door policy at your office, and do what you can to eliminate micromanagement from the day-to-day. Allow your employees to do what they do best. Discover what excites and inspires your team members, and pair those passions with responsibilities.
  • Seek honest input: Surveys can be a great tool, but they’re nothing more than a random collection of data unless they are relevant to those in your employ and primed for immediate action. Gather intelligence from the people who make your company a company, and make certain it spotlights how these employees relate to their fellow team members, their company’s strategic goals, and their own capabilities.
  • Promote involvement: From the boardroom meeting to the greyhound bus en route to a company fieldtrip – endorse collaboration and social enrichment at every turn. Embrace and incorporate social media platforms, which continue to shape and direct the lives of those you count on.
  • Lead compassionately. Truly listen to better understand your employees. According to researchers Dr. Brad Shuck and Maryanne Honeycutt-Elliot, approximately 74% of employees who work for compassionate leaders – those who demonstrate integrity, dignity, and accountability – are more likely to stay at their current place of work for the next five years!
  • Serve others. Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of millennial employees expect their employers to focus on societal problems. Companies that invest in philanthropic causes are more likely to retain these talents. Involve your employees in corporate giving. It not only helps to lend an additional sense of purpose to the work they are doing, but it demonstrates that you are a company that cares about the world outside the window.

Thanks to GiveStream, corporate giving no longer has to be exclusive to C-level executives. Merging multiple strategies for employee engagement, this employee-directed corporate giving program’s easy-to-use, cloud-based software provides a simple search of more than 1 million IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charities around the globe, while a customizable survey encourages employees to share their unique giving stories on social media, connect with their chosen charities, and provide employee sentiment data.

By giving employees the opportunity to donate corporate funds to their personal causes, GiveStream can boost morale and productivity, resulting in better customer service, lower turnover, and simplified recruiting.

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