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A Workplace Giving Program That Truly Engages

GiveStream is a game-changing workplace giving program that has turned traditional corporate philanthropy on its head by allowing companies to invite employees to participate in charity selection.

The Proof is in Our Passion

The secret to GiveStream’s success stems from founder Bob Wieder’s passion for the efforts of smaller, local charitable organizations, which he paired with more than three decades of experience as a financial advisor to create his unique business model.

As it would turn out, this passion was contagious. It not only spread to all GiveStream team members, but grows with every employee who is given an opportunity to reach out and help their neighbors in a more meaningful way.

The result? It’s a Win/Win/Win. Employees are happy and productive while giving back to their communities and proudly representing their company.


Changing the World – One Employee at a Time

Through GiveStream, employees can directly support the nonprofits that are uniquely qualified to address issues and problems affecting the communities where they live and work.

Whether distributing crucial funds to local, national, or global charities, employees impact a diverse set of community needs, such as poverty, animal welfare, education, the arts, hunger, homelessness, child development, health, career development, disease research, and much more.

The list is virtually endless. And the change begins with GiveStream.

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