Case Study: Adashi Systems

Case Study: Adashi Systems


Based in Baltimore, Md., Adashi Systems’ all-hazards incident response software provides first responders, such as firefighters, police, military personnel, and Homeland Security teams, with a comprehensive overview of any given emergency situation from start-to-finish, as well as the navigation and communication tools they require to make swift and critical decisions.

Deftly interfaced with Google Maps, Bing, and Pictometry, Adashi puts touchscreen-accessible routing, guidance, and coordinated intelligence tools at the fingertips of the personnel who need it the most, ensuring that they are equipped to handle whatever the next call may necessitate.

In short, Adashi Systems works to give real life heroes a heads up on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, through GiveStream, they were able to give a bit more.

Calling All Heroes

GiveStream approached the Adashi team in September of 2016, and their participation ultimately garnered an astonishing 92 percent participation rate. Of these participants, approximately 87 percent shared their unique giving stories, and many took to social media to express their enthusiasm for the program, while posting their experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Many charities received vital funding through Adashi’s involvement with GiveStream, with aid spreading across the map from New York to California, Georgia, and Florida. Not surprisingly, the greatest impact was felt in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, as several Adashi employees reached out to the brave men and women they routinely help to serve.

“Chestnut Ridge is the local volunteer fire department, located about a mile from my home. They provide a tremendous service to the community, not only through their work as first responders, but also by providing free family-friendly community events for all to enjoy.  … I’m so happy to be able to give the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company a more sizeable donation than I’ve been able to give in the past. Thank you Alex and Adashi for making this possible!” – Jeanne Glazer, Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

“Cancer is taking more firefighters every day and the NFFF is doing work to reduce deaths of firefighters. There is a new saying in the fire service about cancer in firefighters ‘It’s not if, it’s when.’ I hope these donations will not only help to reduce those deaths but to help the NFFF take care of the families of those we have already lost. Thank you Alex and the entire Adashi Team for caring – that is an unusual thing to see in our world today!” – Anonymous, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

We work so closely with these responders – when we lose one of them, even without the personal connection, the loss affects us as family,” said Adashi CEO Alex Menkes, who also worked with GiveStream to donate to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. “The [foundation] is a good match for my moral creed: remember them, be there for their families, and protect each new generation of firefighters as they would protect us.”

Little Lives, Big Differences

Other heroes helped by Adashi’s involvement with GiveStream’s employee-directed giving program included medical professionals, caregivers, and researchers who continuously strive to improve the lives of their patients. Beneficiaries included the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the American Kidney Fund, Inc., with a significant impact to those organizations that specialize in the treatment of children, such as Amazing Little Hearts CHD Support Group and Smile Train, Inc.

“My family was touched by Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) when my niece was born with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) – a hole in her heart. At 8 months old she had to undergo major open heart surgery. She spent 8 days in the hospital, 4 of those in NICU.  She survived and has made an amazing recovery.  Many kids born with CHD do not survive.  Amazing Little Hearts raises awareness of CHD and provides support and love to families in the heart unit during their stay there; with necessity bags, free meals, and in many other ways.  CHDs affect 1 in every 100 babies. There is no known cause and no cure. Fifty percent of CHDs will result in at least one open heart surgery, some require multiple surgeries and hospital stays. CHD’s are the #1 birth defect. So, I am thrilled to get to donate to Amazing Little Hearts in honor of my Heart Hero, my niece Aria!” – Haley Hansen, Amazing Little Hearts

“I was born with a cleft lip. Luckily, I was born to middle class Americans and was able to have it repaired as an infant. Smile Train helps fix cleft lips and palates of less fortunate people. It is unfortunate, but true, that facial deformities seriously impact how people are treated in life through no fault of their own. I want to help that not happen and, unfortunately, it’s easier to give cosmetic surgery than make people be nicer.” – Matt Samford, Smile Train

Putting it Simply

Adashi Systems’ first response to GiveStream has been an overwhelmingly positive one, with 91 percent of the employees participating saying that they now view their place of work more favorably than they did prior to taking part in the program.

“Alex, Sanjay, or whoever decided to get Adashi involved in doing this, I LOVE this!!  Makes me even more proud to work with you guys & this company!!”  – Adashi employee, Haley Hansen


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