Case Study: R2integrated

Case Study: R2integrated


Founded in 2003, Baltimore-based digital marketing firm R2integrated has expanded to include branches in Silicon Valley, New York City, and Seattle, as well as a diverse list of clients, such as Loyola University, Microsoft, and Chrysler.

Its one-of-a-kind integrated marketing experience pairs cloud based solutions with brand strategy and demand generation, and its great sense of identity and humor is evidenced by the company’s quirky introductory video.

GiveStream was invited to give them an even greater sense of community.

Generating Goodwill

GiveStream engaged employees from R2i’s Baltimore office in early November 2016. A sensational 92 percent opted to take part, as opposed to the 5-15 percent typical of other giving programs, and almost all reported that the experience made them see R2i in a new light.

So they told their friends.

Story Time Strategy

“I’m so proud of this approach that R2i is taking for charitable donations because we can diversify how we support our community.”– R2i employee

An astounding 100 percent of R2i participants agreed to share their remarkable personal stories about giving, with many going the extra mile and broadcasting the message on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. In this way, they became brand ambassadors for the company, considerably expanding R2i’s footprint.

Integrated Altruism

“I believe that all it takes is one person to make a difference and the more we can bring awareness to a cause the more people we can help on their journey.” – Kristen Dunham, R2i employee, who donated to the Wear Blue Run to Remember.

Many different charities were supported through R2i’s participation with GiveStream – from the small-town Five Acres Animal Shelter to the American Diabetes Association– with critical funds benefiting diverse causes from health to national security.

“A donation to this charity is an investment in someone’s future.” – R2i’s Matt Ellis, who donated to Uncuffed Ministries, Inc.

Most importantly, 43% of participating R2i employees were introduced to a new charity working on a cause they care about, while 57% were empowered to donate to causes they have previously championed, making GiveStream a success for everyone involved.


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