Case Study: SocialToaster

Case Study: SocialToaster



SocialToaster is a rapidly growing social marketing firm boasting East and West coast offices and a diverse client list, including Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the Baltimore Ravens, and television’s Duck Dynasty.

In early October 2016, GiveStream engaged SocialToaster employees. Their giving campaign achieved a 93% participation rate and provided some truly remarkable insights.

How SocialToaster Pops

The Baltimore-based fan-engagement platform regularly harnesses the power of social media, transforming a client’s biggest supporters into its brightest ambassadors using their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, among others.

It was this mastery of social media that made the company’s astonishing 90% participation rate with GiveStream all the more validating, given the program’s emphasis on sharing giving experiences online.

In fact, 82% of participating SocialToaster employees opted to share their unique giving stories, with many also broadcasting their experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

But that’s not all.

Making a Difference

“The Chesapeake Bay is one of the most valuable and treasured resources in our region… This donation is a small way that I can help to change how we perceive and benefit from this treasure.” – Anne Sigman, SocialToaster employee, donated to The Chesapeake Bay Foundation

By placing the power of giving directly into the hands of employees, GiveStream allowed SocialToaster to expand its corporate giving footprint exponentially.

“We adopted our Emma from Out of the Pits in 2005. We are lucky to still have her. [Out of the Pits] has always done right by an otherwise stigmatized breed.” – Remington Firmbach, SocialToaster employee, donated to Out of the Pits, Inc.

Participants donated to many different charities, across 16 different charitable sectors – from animal rights to education to youth development, and far beyond.

“Stopping the school to prison pipeline is super important to me.” – Madeline McDowell, SocialToaster employee, donated to Community Law in Action, Inc.

For 63% of participants, this was the first time they had engaged with their charity of choice. Without SocialToaster’s participation – without GiveStream – they may not have had that opportunity.

Redefining Relationships

Perhaps most importantly, GiveStream works to fully engage a company’s employees in the charitable giving process, ultimately fostering a team that cares – about their jobs, about their coworkers, and about the communities where they live and work.

Of SocialToaster participants, 92% reported that they viewed the company more favorably than they did before participation with GiveStream. Over 60% responded that they felt it was important to have a say in their company’s charitable endeavors.

SocialToaster’s responses emphasized GiveStream’s effectiveness as an employee engagement tool, and demonstrated its core tenet: Employees who feel that their company values their interests and causes and is willing to fund improvements in those causes, feel more kinship with their employers. This results in a happier team, a reduction in turnover, and a better standing in the community.


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