Case Study: TVAR Solutions

Case Study: TVAR Solutions


Established in 2006, TVAR Solutions has streamlined the acquisition of IT products and services to U.S. Federal Government agencies and contractors for more than a decade. Its client list spans independent government organizations to the Department of Defense.

The McLean, Va., company’s GSA and agency-specific contracts, in addition to its partnerships with government-wide acquisition holders, result in greater flexibility and expedited procurement processes, while its customer-focused ideology encourages face-to-face interaction to better suit client needs.

Its recent implementation of GiveStream has allowed TVAR Solutions to better engage with its employees, as well.

Capital Improvements

GiveStream implemented its unique program with TVAR Solutions employees in late September and early October of 2016, garnering an astounding 93 percent participation rate.

The TVAR team supported many different charities through GiveStream, reaching out to important causes across the nation, from New York to Georgia to California. A majority of funds, however, were directed back into the company’s own backyard of Washington, D.C., benefiting entities such as animal welfare organization Rural Dog Rescue and drug and alcohol addiction treatment center Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic.

“I really, truly believe that having more leadership and older peers can help keep kids on the right path. Some kids don’t have that older brother/sister or mother/father figure to teach them things and be there for them. I think having that person that you can go to for questions about situations and how to handle them, and your own personal mountains you have climbed, can really help shape the kids’ future. I would love to be able to help out with volunteering and help shaping the future in any way I can.” – Ryan Smith, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the National Capital Area

Food – and Stories – for Thought

An encouraging 72 percent of participating TVAR Solutions employees shared many emotional giving stories online, with several team members going the extra mile and posting about their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, frequent retweets provided even greater exposure for the company and its involvement with GiveStream, while continuing to nurture the proliferation of brand ambassadors in the community.

All in all, a sincere effort to give back to the community was demonstrated via TVAR Solutions’ involvement, even – or perhaps, especially – when the participant preferred to remain unknown.

“As a child who grew up wondering if there would be another meal, and sometimes just having potatoes from the farm nearby that were left after harvest, I believe no family should ever have this worry.” – Anonymous, Maryland Food Bank

The 100 Percent Solutions

While an impressive 89 percent of participating TVAR employees stressed the importance of having a say in their company’s charitable endeavors, the most encouraging tally was yet to come: 100% of the employees who engaged with GiveStream said that their involvement in the program has caused them to view their employer more favorably.

This unanimous support further solidifies the notion that regular participation in employee-directed corporate giving helps employees feel trusted and valued, aiding in their motivation and, ultimately, their retention.

“Finding good people is challenging, retaining good people is even more challenging. GiveStream’s methodology of distributing corporate donations is a true differentiator and will pay great dividends towards employee retention.” – Dave Saunders, CEO of TVAR Solutions.


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