Employee Directed Giving Program


Why Employee Directed Giving?

An Employer Donation Program Designed To Engage Employees


GiveStream is a unique employer donation program that eliminates the need to spend countless hours and resources vetting charities, while placing the power to choose in the hands of a company’s greatest asset: its employees.

Companies involved with GiveStream have achieved phenomenal results, with an astounding 90% of employees taking part in the program, and 94% of those who did saying that the experience favorably influenced their opinion of their employers.

The top three benefits of GiveStream:

  • Easier recruitment of qualified professionals
  • Widespread engagement of a company’s employees
  • Long-term retention of a motivated workforce

The reasons to use GiveStream, however, do not end there.


GiveStream Improves Business Results


Happier employees/stronger workplace

Lower corporate overhead

A tax free employee benefit

Unlimited goodwill and positive PR

Supports causes and improves relationships in local communities


Truth in Numbers

GiveStreams engages the employees of leading organizations with exceptional results.


92% participation rate

“Dawn Farm has helped people in my area recover from addiction for many years. I know their work, and their leadership is top-notch. I’ve volunteered for them on several occasions, and some of the most important people owe their lives to Dawn Farm.” – Dave Lehman, Adashi Systems employee, donated to Dawn Farm

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92% participation rate

“I’m so proud of this approach that R2i is taking for charitable donations because we can diversify how we support our community.”– R2i employee

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93% participation rate

“In 1989, my mom was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and told she would not live but 1 more year. To everyone’s delight, she lived another 11 years before she passed away. I am donating in her memory in the hopes that this contribution can help other families and individuals with this disease, as well as contribute towards finding a cure.” – Stacey Meyer, TVAR Solutions employee, donated to THE MARFAN FOUNDATION INC.

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90% participation rate

“I believe that all it takes is one person to make a difference and the more we can bring awareness to a cause the more people we can help on their journey.” – Kristen Dunham, R2i employee, who donated to the Wear Blue Run to Remember

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