What Does Your Company’s Employee Engagement Rate Mean to New Hires?

What Does Your Company’s Employee Engagement Rate Mean to New Hires?

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According to a recent Gallup poll, only 32 percent of America’s workforce is actively engaged, which is actually a slight step up from previous years, yet still abysmal enough to be labeled a crisis. Millennials remain not only the largest American generation, but also the largest subset of the unenthused, and their job hopping, high-turnover ways have completely turned the employee-work dynamic on its ear.

In an attempt to boost retention, today’s employers are spending much more time attempting to pair open positions with a prospect’s true passions and abilities. That means an employee engagement rate is no longer exclusive to a company’s day-to-day activity, but must extend to its recruitment and onboarding phases, as well.

Engagement is directly related to a company’s profitability. Your employee engagement rate sends the message that your office and/or work environment is one of collaboration and respect by:

  • Showcasing a work environment in which employees are valued and trusted.
  • Pairing meaningful work and appropriate tasks with a new hire’s particular set of skills.
  • Suggesting that your company is invested in its employees’ goals and social causes.
  • Spurring spectacular word of mouth via social media and current employees who promote your company. This boosts your reputation as a phenomenal place to work.

GiveStream is an employer donation program specifically designed to engage your company’s team members. By placing the power to choose the beneficiaries of corporate giving funds into their hands, our program facilitates the following benefits:

  • Easier recruitment of qualified professionals.
  • Widespread engagement of a company’s employees.
  • Long-term retention of a motivated workforce.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Of the companies who have participated with GiveStream, an astounding 90% of employees have taken part in the program, with 94% of them saying that the experience favorably influenced their opinion of their employers.

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset, and their positive outlook directly translates to a stronger workforce, better customer service, and increased productivity.

Contact GiveStream to learn more about our program and how it can improve your employee engagement rate today, and every day.


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