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CEO’s Acknowledge Positive Business Results

Alex Menkes, CEO Adashi Systems

“As CEO’s, we’re always reading “engage your employees and improve your culture” but we didn’t know what that looked like to implement.  I didn’t realize GiveStream was the “how” until I ran your program.  The impact that GiveStream had on my employees made me realize this is what businesses are looking for and need.  This idea has to grow.” (Adashi case study.)

Kevin Daly, CEO TurboHaul

“GiveStream is a remarkably simple and efficient employee engagement program. It enabled some employees to financially give back to their communities for the first time. They were very excited. GiveStream creates a lot of positive buzz in the office.”

Dave Saunders, CEO TVAR Solutions

“Finding good people is challenging. Keeping good people is even more challenging. GiveStream’s distribution of corporate donations is a true differentiator that pays great dividends towards employee retention.” (TVAR case study.)


Employees Express Their Appreciation


“I LOVE GIVESTREAM!! Makes me even more proud to work with my team and my company!!” – Hailey

“I believe that all it takes is one person to make a difference and the more we can bring awareness to a cause, the more people we can help on their journey.” – Kristen

“I’m so proud of this approach that R2i is taking for charitable donations because we can diversify how we support our community.” – R2i employee

“A close friend of ours passed away after a long struggle with cancer. My wife and I appreciate your generosity in giving us an opportunity to honor him with a memorial donation. – George


Participants Care Deeply About The Opportunity To Support Their Cause


“We lost my grandpa to pancreatic cancer in 2007 and it is one of the most deadly cancers out there and not many treatment options. Want to try and change that!” – Lauren

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