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GiveStream: Disrupting the Traditional Corporate Giving Model

GiveStream: Disrupting the Traditional Corporate Giving Model GiveStream, an employee-directed corporate giving program based in Ellicott City, Md., is turning traditional corporate philanthropy on its head by allowing companies to individually invite their employees to participate in choosing charities. President and CEO Dale Kelley was recently interviewed

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GiveStream’s Participation at TVAR’s March Madness Event a Win for Everyone!

GiveStream’s Participation at TVAR’s March Madness Event a Win for Everyone! Representatives from many of the nation’s top tech and IT firms exchanged cards and talked at the Barrel & Bushel restaurant in Tyson’s Corner on Thursday, March 16. The NCAA Tournament Round of 64 had commenced

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Case Study: Adashi Systems

Case Study: Adashi Systems Based in Baltimore, Md., Adashi Systems’ all-hazards incident response software provides first responders, such as firefighters, police, military personnel, and Homeland Security teams, with a comprehensive overview of any given emergency situation from start-to-finish, as well as the navigation and communication tools they

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Case Study: TVAR Solutions

Case Study: TVAR Solutions Established in 2006, TVAR Solutions has streamlined the acquisition of IT products and services to U.S. Federal Government agencies and contractors for more than a decade. Its client list spans independent government organizations to the Department of Defense. The McLean, Va., company’s GSA

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5 Key Strategies for Employee Engagement to Implement in 2017

5 Key Strategies for Employee Engagement to Implement in 2017 In today’s office environment, appealing to employees on a more intimate level has become a key factor in keeping them fully motivated. Developing strategies for employee engagement is essential. Without this approach, cautious millennials may not venture

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Corporate Social Responsibility at WEF Annual Meeting 2017

I’m sure you’ve seen the headline from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland:  Eight men own the same wealth as 3.6 billion of world’s poorest people.  According to the Oxfam International Report, this problem has, at its root, an irresponsible corporate focus on profits and shareholder

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GiveStream Makes Waves in Corporate Giving World

New Program Places Power of Charitable Giving in the Hands of Employees ELLICOTT CITY, Md., Dec. 23, 2016 – GiveStream, an employee-directed corporate giving program based in Ellicott City, Md., is turning traditional corporate philanthropy on its head by allowing companies to individually invite their employees to

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Case Study: R2integrated

Case Study: R2integrated Founded in 2003, Baltimore-based digital marketing firm R2integrated has expanded to include branches in Silicon Valley, New York City, and Seattle, as well as a diverse list of clients, such as Loyola University, Microsoft, and Chrysler. Its one-of-a-kind integrated marketing experience pairs cloud based

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Case Study: SocialToaster

Case Study: SocialToaster   SocialToaster is a rapidly growing social marketing firm boasting East and West coast offices and a diverse client list, including Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the Baltimore Ravens, and television’s Duck Dynasty. In early October 2016, GiveStream engaged SocialToaster employees. Their giving campaign

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New Video Explains the Incredible Value of GiveStream


Changing the World One Employee at a Time GiveStream is a new tool in your talent recruiting and engagement toolbox. For smaller companies, GiveStream can function as a stand alone engagement solution, connecting with employees to let them know they are valued and collecting valuable engagement and giving

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An Employee Personal Giving Story

  Lindsay’s company helped her give to a cause that she believes in.    Lindsay’s giving story: “My company gave me money to support CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Baltimore. This charity is so important because they train and organize volunteers who work to ensure that the needs and voices of innocent children in

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CSR Engagement Programs Are Missing Something

CSR Engagement Programs are Missing Something   According to an America’s Charities study, 80% of companies are committed to a giving program to help them attract and retain millennial talent. But 92% of companies say they have challenges connecting millennials to existing giving programs and 85% say

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Work space productivity tips from classroom design

  Much of the research on creating productive teaching environments can be applied to creating productive offices as well. Businesses are scrambling to improve culture to increase employee engagement and productivity, and education provides a trove of information on keeping easily distracted minds tuned in and focused.

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2015 CECP Corporate Giving Trends Summary

Purpose Propels Performance! Each year, CECP analyzes corporate societal engagement surveys to discover key trends affecting business in the future and insights from CEO members. The data is collected in an annual report Giving in Numbers: 2015 Edition. This year, over 271 multi-billion dollar companies responded. Below is a summary of

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10 Reasons Why GiveStream is Good for Your Business

Detailed Reporting

  GiveStream’s main benefit is that it is an economically viable, high impact, easy to implement tool to combat the increasingly high cost of turnover. But it has other major benefits for employers as well. Below are 10 reasons why GiveStream will be good for your business.

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#GivingTuesday – Support A Cause

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means all the usual craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday when everyone tries to get all their holiday shopping done in a few days, often starting at 4 in the morning. But another exceptionally cool movement has blossomed from the conspicuous

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Millennial job hopping stops here.

Are our company giving campaigns really engaging our millennial employees? New research suggests they are not. It’s no secret that millennials are impacting the workplace, they are the largest generation in the workforce and will continue to be for the next decade. And research shows that they

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The beauty of personal giving.

Often we hear stories of everyday people, our friends and neighbors, doing what they can to raise money or awareness for issues they care about, or to support causes they believe in. Causes such as support for people in need or with disabilities or medical issues, education

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The GiveStream financial advantage.

Charitable Funds

GiveStream is designed to allow a corporation to set aside money for charitable contributions and then enable employees to donate their portion of the funds to whichever charity they choose. Often a corporation does not have the resources to vet multiple charitable causes. They choose an umbrella organization like the

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What is GiveStream’s service, anyway?

Employees relationship

  GiveStream was founded on one idea – To help companies use their corporate philanthropy in a new way to help attract, motivate, and retain good talent on an individual level. By allocating funds to the employees and letting them directly distribute that money to the causes that

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