GiveStream’s Participation at TVAR’s March Madness Event a Win for Everyone!

GiveStream’s Participation at TVAR’s March Madness Event a Win for Everyone!

Representatives from many of the nation’s top tech and IT firms exchanged cards and talked at the Barrel & Bushel restaurant in Tyson’s Corner on Thursday, March 16. The NCAA Tournament Round of 64 had commenced earlier that morning. Beer and wine and wings and sliders lined counters and tabletops throughout the lively March Madness Networking event, and applause erupted as Middle Tennessee took on Minnesota, and Bucknell battled West Virginia on big screens stationed throughout the bar. Maryland, too, was well-represented among revelers and fans.

When the event’s host, government IT reseller TVAR Solutions, and employee-directed corporate giving firm GiveStream, prepared to announce the winners of two special charitable gifts, excitement grew.

Sponsored giveaways throughout the afternoon had included various basketball memorabilia, including a coveted jersey signed by famed coach Gary Williams.  Through the thick of March Madness, the crowd also eagerly awaited two business cards to be drawn, with their respective owners being awarded $500 to donate to the charity of their choice via GiveStream’s mobile friendly software.

Patty Arcano, an employee of CA Technologies, claimed the first $500 giveaway. Her charity of choice was the Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun, a program that provides elementary school students with food for the weekend and school breaks. Each week, the organization fills a bag with six separate meals, snacks, juice, and milk, and sends it home with a child for the weekend.

“My family and I support and volunteer for this wonderful organization,” said Patty. “In Loudoun County alone, there are approximately 11,330 children that are food insecure. Food insecure is ‘the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food.’ Last school year, 1 in 6 Loudoun County school children qualified for free or reduced-price school lunches. The government has provided for these children to eat lunch, but their dinner is never guaranteed.”

Abby Potter, of cybersecurity software company Symantec, won the second $500 giveaway. The company, through its various engagement programs, has allowed Abby to be intrinsically involved in her cause, the Crisis Text Line.

“Crisis Text Line is an amazing organization I have been volunteering with weekly, as a Crisis Counselor, via their innovative texting platform. What drew me to the organization is the way they use data science and technology as a way to better help those in need. Just imagine how much more apt you are to type out your emotions than muster the words to speak them,” Abby said. “CTL helps people of all ages, all over the country, find a moment of clarity amidst a crisis to be able to develop action plans that keep them safe and healthy despite the circumstances they face. After winning TVAR’s raffle, I knew where my $500 winnings belonged…. despite all the great suggestions being yelled out.”

Those suggestions came from the almost 300 professionals who participated in TVAR Solutions’ March Madness networking event – 153 of whom entered the raffle for the GiveStream giveaway.

For GiveStream, the event continued to validate that our employee engagement program creates buzz and excitement by supporting causes that they personally care about. While TVAR Solutions, itself, had previously participated in the GiveStream program, and its employees have been incredible supporters of the movement, many of the individuals in the room on March 16 were learning about the employee engagement company for the very first time.

All interactions between GiveStream and the attendees were incredibly positive, with the focus continuously centering on the importance and value of employee engagement. In addition to being deeply honored to announce the winners of the day’s giveaways and the charitable organizations they were able to help, reps from GiveStream repeatedly heard the phrase, “Wow, I would love it if my boss would do this.”

All in all, everyone present had a great time. We want to thank TVAR for their invitation and opportunity to be involved with such a great event.


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