How Companies Can Benefit More From Charitable Giving

How Companies Can Benefit More From Their Corporate Giving

Dr. Michael Norton of the Harvard Business School reports that involving employees in charity decisions can help boost job satisfaction in the short and long-term.

Some methods of charitable support, such as matching, are contingent upon the employee being the “first mover” and can negatively affect the perception of the support. Other methods, such as donations to charities selected by upper management, may fail to resonate with employees and their personal feelings.

Dr. Norton suggests a two fold approach to improve the internal results of charitable giving and has documented the effectiveness of this new strategy in his study.

  • shift from a contingent strategy (“you act and we donate”) to a no-strings strategy (“we donate regardless”).
  • shift from an informing strategy (“look what we did”) to an involving strategy (“help us do it”).


Read the full Wall Street Journal article here.




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