Our Mission


Our Mission

The desire to help others is a deeply rooted human instinct, and the way and means in which we choose to lend a hand is an incredibly personal experience.

GiveStream allows corporations to give their employees this choice.

Introducing Individualized Corporate Giving

GiveStream helps corporations initiate national and local giving campaigns with only a few simple keystrokes.

Their employees take it the rest of the way.

Our company’s primary objectives include:

  • Fully engaging employees in the corporate giving process
  • Giving employees an outlet to share their experiences on both our proprietary platform and via social media
  • Promoting positive public relations and media opportunities
  • Diversifying and expanding the corporate philanthropic footprint
  • Increasing awareness of your company in the community via a local giving campaign
  • Increasing internal corporate culture
  • Creating employees that care


Givestream Local Giving Campaign


Creating Opportunities for Local Giving Campaigns

Businesses, employees, and charitable causes across the country: everyone is a winner with GiveStream.

Because GiveStream’s platform allows instantaneous access to more than 1 million charities and nonprofits nationwide, a corporation’s giving footprint is expanded exponentially, and its employees are enabled to make real differences in their own communities.

In many cases, GiveStream can provide a first encounter – and establish a lasting relationship – between an employee and the charity of their choice; a unique opportunity unheard of in other corporate giving programs.


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