Our Mission


Our Mission

The desire to help others is a deeply rooted human instinct, and the causes that we care about are determined by our own personal experiences.

GiveStream allows corporations to give their employees the power to choose.

Introducing Individualized Corporate Giving

GiveStream helps corporations initiate national and local giving campaigns with only a few simple keystrokes.

Their employees take it the rest of the way.

Our company’s primary objectives include:

  • Fully engaging employees in corporate giving
  • Creating a positive impact in communities where employees live and work
  • Giving employees an outlet to share their experiences within their company and externally via social media
  • Generating organic positive public relations and media opportunities
  • Diversifying and expanding the corporate charitable footprint
  • Increasing positive awareness of your company in your communities
  • Boosting internal corporate culture
  • Creating employees that care
Givestream Local Giving Campaign


Creating Opportunities for Local Giving Campaigns

Businesses, employees, and communities across the country: everyone is a winner with GiveStream.

Because GiveStream’s platform allows instantaneous access to more than 1 million charities and nonprofits nationwide, a corporation’s giving footprint is expanded exponentially, and its employees are enabled to make real differences in their own communities.

In many cases, GiveStream can provide a first encounter – and establish a lasting relationship – between an employee and a charity impacting a personal cause; a unique opportunity missing in other corporate giving programs.


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