Perks That Attract Talent in Today’s Workforce

There’s a lot of interesting perks out there.  From juice bars to ping pong tables to car washes to haircuts, it seems that employers are trying everything to attract and retain top talent.  And it’s a legitimate attempt, since according to info from GlassDoor, 57% of job seekers say perks are among their top considerations for a new job.

But over-the-top perks are often falling short.  Due to the millennial social responsibility movement, “for me” types of perks don’t resonate as they once did and can feel excessive.  Millennials want to make a difference and feel that it’s important for all of us to “be the change”.  80% of millennials have at least one cause they support, financially or as a volunteer.

There’s a new perk in town that really hits home with employees because of this social responsibility movement.  It’s called GiveStream and it lets businesses share funds with employees so that they can support their personal charities.  Studies show that employees get more happiness and job satisfaction from a “charitable” perk rather than other “for me” types.

GiveStream is an easy perk with big benefits.  Not only does it foster employee loyalty and improve morale, it’s the only perk that also produces organic positive branding.  You won’t get much external benefit from employee haircuts or car washes.  But when your employees share their donations on social media and talk about your generosity, and your customers hear about it in the community, big things can happen for your brand.  And even better, from your employees’ point of view, it produces community improvements that benefit everyone.


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